The French Institute, operator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. It supports contemporary creation and participates in the dissemination of French artistic scenes on the international scene.


The Clément Foundation has been sponsoring arts and cultural heritage in Martinique since 2005 and is also dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art in the Caribbean. The art center dedicated to contemporary art offers a very rich program, and supports artistic creation with a fund for acquisitions of art works linked to the Caribbean.
Element.a residency will select an artist of the selection to be part of the next residency in 2018.
Founded in 1949, Jeune Création is a non-profit association of artists which aims to promote contemporary art through a network of artists and three main actions, the annual exhibition, the gallery space and off-site events.


Art Seen is a non-profit organisation operating as a cultural platform of exchange in contemporary art. Art Seen was founded in 2014 and is only one of the few contemporary art spaces incorporated in Cyprus. The platform commits to introduce local and international artists emphasising the importance of their work and add meaning to contemporary art and the surrounding creative community. The aim is to contribute to the cultural life by reinforcing and developing the art scene of Cyprus.